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Utah Shakespearean Festival

Need help with that lesson plan? Want copies of cut scripts and theatre games? Visit the Utah Shakespearean Festival Education website at bard.org/education. We have study guides and lesson ideas for all of Shakespeare’s plays, as well as other classics previously presented at the Festival. If you don’t see exactly what you need, please contact us atusfeducation@bard.org or call 435-865-8333 and we will work to meet your specific needs.


Child Drama



Youth Plays



Educational Technology Clearinghouse



Drama Lesson Plans



Radio Dramas in the Classroom


The Raven Radio Theater offers radio drama scripts complete with casting directions, detailed instructions for finding and/or making the necessary mechanical sound effects, a full set of sound effects cue cards, and an audio CD with music and background sounds customized for each play.

Most of the plays can be performed by twenty to thirty-five students as readers theater, readers theater with sound effects, school assemblies or recorded.


Drama, Theatre Lesson Plans



Theatre Lesson Plan Exchange



Drama in the ESL classroom



Drama in the ESL classroom

This site is designed as a resource for ESL/EFL teachers who are interested in learning how to incorporate dramatic techniques into their lessons.

This site contains information about improvisation, role-play, and scriptwriting.


Key Stage 3 Drama Lesson Plans

Imaginative and original schemes of work complete with music and film resources. Numerous plans available for Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9 teaching, complete with assessment resources and materials.




Performing Zone



Drama Lesson Plans



Drama Lesson plans for primary and secondary age-groups.

Creative Drama Activities: Grades Preschool



Drama Unit Lesson Plans


Drama Unit Lesson Plans | Beginning Acting | Creating Characters | Character Development | Characterization | Fundamentals of Acting | Improvisation | Movement and Mannerisms | Introduction to Directing | Dramatic Structure | The Stage | Scene Development | Costume Construction |


Ideas For Teaching Drama


This site contains my own collection of ideas I have used for teaching drama both in Theatre Workshop contexts for Youth Theatre Groups and for developing spoken language skills with students across a variety of age and ability ranges.


Making a Scene with Norman Rockwell


This lesson is designed to explore the connection between drama and painting through the illustrations and paintings by the famous American artist Norman Rockwell.


The Great Shakespeare Experiment


Students will interpret and perform a scene from William Shakespeare’s HAMLET.

This engaging lesson provides students with a fun and simple introduction to exploring Shakespeare through the use of text from HAMLET. It allows students to play with Shakespeare in a direct and enjoyable way. At the end of this lesson, students will have a greater ease and understanding of performing and studying Shakespeare. Students will also gain an appreciation for the role of the actor in interpreting a text by making choices.


Drama Lessons at read-write-think



Can Teach Drama Lesson Plans



Drama Classroom (Studio) Rules



Classroom Lesson Plans by Matt Buchanan


This website is packed with resources for Drama Teachers in Elementary and Secondary Schools, and for producers of Theatre for Young Audiences. I created this website to help me get my own plays out there, and to provide help and support to producers, school Theatre directors, and classroom Drama teachers. Since then it has become one of the biggest educational drama resources on the net. There is all sorts of great stuff here!


Drama Lesson Plans at ArtsEdge



Lesson Plans ‘R Us


Welcome to the Lesson Plans Page! Please select from the following lesson plans. If you are trying to locate the current lesson plans for M. Sullivan’s classes, please select “current lesson plans!” These lessons are not solely mine, but rather a gathering of plans I have acquired. Everyone is free to use them.


Drama Lesson Plans at ‘Drama Education’



Shamblesguru “Drama Lessons” Video Picks on YouTube



Up Stage Review

The Theatre Lesson Plan Exchange. OBJECTIVE: Demonstrate mental and physical attributes required to communicate characters different from themselves. …




The aim of theatrecrafts.com is to eventually be the best resource for practical information and advice about technical theatre for theatre folk at any level.




classroom lesson plans based on video and other resources from KET’s Drama Arts Toolkit. … Video: Electronic Field Trip to Horse Cave Theatre.



Elementary School SPECIFIC Plans


This is a basic Children’s Theatre site with lots of basic help for beginners, or anyone needing a “brush-up”. There are some great activities, games, a skit with costume/make-up/staging ideas, and an on line quiz.






Lots of lesson plans that are already tied to the national standards. Some are more specifically geared toward a particular subject or book, but with a little imagination, could be adapted to others.



This site has broken down the lesson plans by age level, lesson type, and cross-curricular content. There is a lot to choose from, and a lot of tedious work has been eliminated in its set-up.



I know it’s Wikipedia, but it can help with short or concise answers.



Really good for correlating and justifying arts education in a NCLB shadowed world.



classic radio scripts. A good place to start with older grades, but 3rd grade has sound effects as their focus in design so…



Really good behind the scenes of what is needed to create a Broadway show. Each episode is short and focuses on various aspects of mounting an original production.



A just-about-everything-you-could-need site about puppets.



Not just for elementary school. Lots of stuff.



Already written musicals based on many core subjects. Generally for the K-6 age group, but Junior and High Schools could do them for “touring” shows to elementary schools.



A huge directory of web-sites.



A lot of articles on almost every aspect of theater and how to…



It’s from England, but there are lots of great theater games and David is very giving with advice and answers.



My public, e portfolio page with three lesson plans.



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